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wget in 9 lines of Python For Hostile Environments


HTTPS seems to be everywhere these days, including GitHub. It’s great to see the security of the Web improved, but sometimes this comes at a cost. Recently I wanted to actually fetch and test my own repository for bootstrapping my storage box from Synology:

The DS214play model which I have comes with the wget program without HTTPS, so doing a command line bootstrapping is difficult. This is one of this weird chicken-and-egg problems we sometimes experience, and to test my software releases published on GitHub, I wrote this simple thing, which lets me fetch the release and do further bootstrapping and testing:

Oh, and GitHub Gists are HTTPS too, so to actually get it, I had to transfer the content through PasteBin;

wget -O - '' | tr 'r' ' ' > wget2
chmod 755 wget2

Why like that? Well in the middle of testing it, I learned that: Pastebin adds DOS new-line separators at the end snippets