Welcome to the experimental part of this website. It’s published with a new publishing system. We’re trying it out. The way it works is that it takes the input from the user in the simple web interface, and renders a pretty website.

User can select which style of blog is appropriate. An example could be a user living in a low-bandwidth region, and thus deciding that a simple, no-thrills theme is good.

Simple themes are good for variety of users, including those in developing countries, where fast Internet access may be scarce. Alternative is a user that wants to stun friends and elects very flashy website, with pretty fonts and elegant style that may cost more bandwidth – especially if images are involved. In both case Wordmogul format is the same - you can type pure text, with minimal styling and get something readable published fast. We use Markdown format, which is what you may be typing in the web interface.

Just a little test blog. Mainly we want to see if Wordmogul works OK. To learn more about me, check (about me)[/about]


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