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Source Code from "Programmer Guide to NCurses" by Dan Gookin


Even though I’ve never read Gookin’s book, I’ve noticed that his website tarball with C sources is quite useful, as it contains small self-contained programs. To the sources I’ve added a makefile to make build automated and I’ve fixed programs which weren’t compiling.


For MacOSX I didn’t need anything. For Ubuntu you’ll probably have to type:

apt-get install libncurses5-dev libncurses5

How to build?

Fetch the source, enter its folder and type make:

git clone
cd ncurses_guide

The result of this will be in book/ and book-ref/ directories with .prog programs, each one corresponding to its .c file.

To clean-up, run:

./ clean

How it’s tested?

The project is wired to Travis-Ci service:

Build Status

Everything is compiled with 2 compilers: GCC and Clang and as of now compiles with no warnings.