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Pastebin adds DOS new-line separators at the end snippets


Over the weekend I was finally starting to get my head wrapped around automated backups on my Synology DS214. This was supposed to be a ten minute project which of course extended due to some trivial problems along the way. For example: I needed a Python script for fetching data from the Internet over HTTPS so I made this for myself:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import urllib2, sys
urlstr = sys.argv[1]
fname = urlstr.split('/')[-1]
response = urllib2.urlopen(urlstr)
f = open(fname, "w")
print "written " + fname

And I pasted it to PasteBin:

On the Synology I fetched it through a “raw” mode, which presents you

wget -O wget2 ""
chmod 755 wget2

And when I ran it, I got this:

wkoszek_nas> ./wget2
: No such file or directory

At first I believed that the script’s front matter “#!” was wrong, but even after spending some time on it I still hadn’t figured out what was going on; then I saw this:

wk:~> ls -la wget wget2
-rw-r--r-- 1 wk staff 209 4 paź 01:48 wget
-rw-r--r-- 1 wk staff 216 4 paź 01:48 wget2

Pastebin is adding DOS new-line separators at the end of each line. I suspect that such behavior may make sense for Windows users, but for MacOSX/UNIX users it introduces problems. I wish there was a way to turn it of…

Until such time as I can find a way, weneed to stick to this:

wget -O - '' | tr 'r' ' ' > wget2

On Linux/MacOSX, the cat has a -v flag, which is also very helpful:

wk:~> cat -v wget2
#!/usr/bin/env python^M
import urllib2, sys^M

To prevent myself from running into similar trouble, I added this line to my ~/.vimrc:

set fileformats=unix