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Movies every software engineer should watch


This is a live list of movies I enjoyed. They assist me till now. I often think of scenes from some of these titles. They spark my imagination, and bring some smile.

Triumph of the Nerds

Very interesting documentary on Silicon Valley history.

Something Ventured

Silicon Valley is made out of a mix of investors and engineers, and this movie shows this real tight collaboration between the two. It has some computer legends, and I can’t speak highly enough about it.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Steve Jobs #1.


Steve Jobs #2.


Classic. With Angelina Jolie. Need I say more? My journey with computers started from security, and this movie is what I believed hacking is like. Watch at least once.

Terminator 2

When I think science-fiction, I think Arnold Schwarzenegger as a humanoid robot. I think of a picture of a cyborg crushing a skull. I think about 6502 assembly language snippets printed out on the inside of my glasses.

The Social Network

Many people, many mixed opinions. Judge by yourself.


The first part of the trilogy is the best, in my opinion, but it’s in the “The Matrix Reloaded” that Trinity is using nmap for hacking.

If I’ve missed any movies, definitely let me know – I’d like to watch them. And if I like them, I’ll add them to the list.