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How software engineer should invest in himself


Playing drums is about snare drum technique. This high-pitched, drum sits in front of you, is tense, loud as hell, and makes your sticks bounce. To master drums, you pick a book and follow it, by executing series of left and right hits, in dozens of different combinations. Unless you have fun and really enjoy it, I doubt you can be a good drummer. There’s just no way. It’s too plain boring.

Software is the same. As a matter of fact, any complex skill is, but lets focus on software. Unless you want and enjoy it, you’ll fail, I can tell you this now. If you start playing with software and you feel extreme boredom and pain, it’s just not for you. So just stop.

The feeling out of learning to write programs is similar to when you throw puzzles on your table. Or LEGO. Or lay out chess. You have this curious tension and you’re ready to start playing with it. You know it’ll take a while and have many obstacles, but you still want to do it.

That’s how you should approach software.

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You must leave some space in your mind for leasure time. This is where your brain muscle will relax, and will start making random associations, similar to those when you doze off, chill, on the pillow during your power nap.