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Great Movies About Design


Design is an overloaded word, but we all get it when we see or experience it. For software design and achieving usability the basics of design are indespensible. Understanding why things are placed the certain way and have certain color is important.


Reading about it is great, and I highly encourage you to buy Non-Designers Design Book, but if you prefer to watch something in the moments of relative downtime, below is the list of movies about design.


Great movie for a general take on Design. Encouraged me to explore things further.

BBC - The Genius of Design

This is an excellent take on history of design, and I had fun watching all five episodes of it. Here I’m linking only the first part, but just stick to YouTube’s navigation and you’ll be able to get to four following episodes.


My interest in design comes from the need of building usable software products, and you can’t really escape the typography for this.

Design Fundamentals (Code School)

Not a movie per-se, but it’s a video training with interactive exercises about design fundamentals. It talks about things which you may not be aware of, such as meaning and importance of color, fonts, placement.


I’ve identified just four titles so far. Udemy, Lynda and other video trainings must have great resources too, but I just don’t know them. If you think there’s something else worth the time investment, let me know. I’ll add it to this page and give you a credit.